Research on acceptability of wearable technologies in everyday life

One of the main outputs that the project Naturalness in Human Cognitive enhancement is to deliver, are scientific studies on general attitudes towards new technologies and acceptability of wearable technologies in everyday life in Czech Republic and English speaking countries.  In addition, we focus also on relations between the way people assess new technologies, their personality traits and ethical values.

In cooperation with our project partners National Institute of Mental Health and University College of Gjøvik, we’ve created an online questionnaire for this purpose. The questionnaire will be open from May to November 2015 and we welcome volunteers of every age, education and opinions to participate. Those who will finish the questionnaire will be provided by their own psychological personality profile.

Based on the questionnaire’s results, we plan to approach several selected volunteers in order to continue the research with a study on functional and structural changes in human brain and cognitive capabilities after long-term use of the Smart Glasses.

If you like what we do and want to participate on the studies or just stay in touch with the project and its progress, please follow us on Facebook (CZ), Google Plus (EN) or email us at moa@ntc.zcu.cz.

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